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Don't just fight disease, increase your health.

"Western medicine is great at fighting disease. But it's not so good at actually building health. That's what I do with my treatments - return my patients to health."
-- Dr. Stephen Stiteler

Who is Dr. Stiteler?

A licensed homeopath, naturopath, and acupuncturist, Dr. Stephen Stiteler has combined the best of modern medicine with healing therapies from the East and West for more than 35 years to help his patients not only overcome individual health challenges, but to reach and maintain a state of overall wellness.
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Integrated Approach to Health

Unlike traditional Western medicine, which specializes in fighting disease, Dr. Stiteler’s approach also improves immune function and boosts vitality. He uses an empirical approach that combines natural therapies to work in tandem with Western medicine for faster recovery, better outcomes, and better health overall. Find out more about the therapies he employs, including:


Dr. Stiteler’s unique integration of Eastern and Western therapies has proven successful at improving health and reducing suffering for a range of serious health challenges including: